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Countdown to the AU Summit on maritime security and development in Lomé

The aim of the Lomé Conference is to make maritime space the key driver of Africa’s economic and social development. The Heads of State and Government of the 54 countries in the African Union will meet in Lomé on 15 October 2016, with experts and leaders from the business world, in order to establish a roadmap on Maritime Security in Africa. This special session will build on the results of the summits held in Yaoundé (June 2013) and the Seychelles (February 2015), in order to put in place an African strategy for the protection of its seas and oceans, to provide peace, security and stability, and to make African maritime […]

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Call for papers: TOFS Oil, Finance and Shipping Symposium.

The University of Greenwich is holding a symposium on the developments and interlinkages within the oil, finance and shipping industries with particular emphasis upon security issues and current trends in the Global Economy. Papers in the following areas can be submitted:     Oil and Security, Oil Trading, ‘Dark Pools’ and Illicit Oil, The impact of QE Quantitative Easing on the Global Oil and Shipping Markets, Banking Sector interlinkages with Global Oil and Shipping, Geopolitical Risk Management in Oil and Shipping, Real Option Valuation in the Oil and Shipping Sectors, Oil and Shipping Financial Derivatives, Oil and Shipping Cyber Security. Regulation and Surveillance, ‘Peak Oil’ and Sectoral Business Cycles in […]

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Maritime Security and the Blue Economy: Understanding the Link

By Dr. Christian Bueger, Cardiff University. If the 21st century is a maritime century, better international cooperation and global ocean governance will be the key. The need for better ocean governance is reflected in two recent political and intellectual discourses which find their expression in the concepts of maritime security and of the blue economy. Both concepts aim at re-thinking the objectives of ocean governance. If maritime security points to the risks and perils of the sea, the blue economy captures its prospects and promises. Maritime security emphasizes the importance of protecting maritime space from diverse threats, such as inter-state disputes, piracy or other forms of transnational crime, but also the […]

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