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Peace Support Operations discussed in Accra

The West Africa region is beset by numerous security challenges (e.g. ethnic conflict, state-collapse, terrorism). To tackle these issues, regional actors, such as the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), and external partners (such as the EU or the UN) require access to cutting-edge research. WAPSN was established in 2015 to co-generate and transfer research expertise between academic and policy practitioners working on West African Security. Following the success of the inaugural symposium experts from West Africa, Europe and North America gathered again in Accra (Ghana) on 28-29 April to focus on the theme of Peace Support Operations. The event hosted again by the Kofi Annan Peace Keeping Training Centre (KAIPTC) […]

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The French military in Africa: successes, challenges ahead?

By Tony Chafer – France has since January 2013 been engaged in two major new military operations in the Sahel/Sahara, but major problems persist. Operation Serval, the 2013 combined French-Chadian military intervention in Mali, was widely regarded as a military success. On 1 August 2014, Serval came to an end and was replaced by a new, regional Sahel-Sahara military mission, Operation Barkhane, undertaken in partnership with the so-called ‘G5 Sahel’ countries: Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso and Chad. Yet the continuing insecurity in Mali is a clear indication that the underlying problems have not been resolved by Operation Serval. A political solution seems as distant a prospect as ever; yet without […]

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Hollande and Africa Policy

By Professor Tony Chafer – Studies of French Africa policy have traditionally focused on its neo-colonial basis and the often corrupt nature of the relations it engendered because of the connivances of semiofficial and unofficial networks and covert practices that characterised it. These are often referred to in the literature as la Francafrique. In seeking to understand Francois Hollande’s Africa policy this article moves away from a neo-colonial, Francafrique analytical framework and instead seeks to engage with the continuity versus change debate in French Africa policy through the lens of geopolitics. The three central themes of Hollande’s Africa policy—security, partnership and trade—are analysed, focusing firstly on the French interventions in […]

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