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DrAdiatAbidounObafemi Awolowo UniversityHuman Security, International Relations, Conflict Resolution, Development Studies, and Comparative politicsMrJudsonMikolajControl RisksSecurity in West Africa, especially Nigeria, the Lake Chad region and Cameroon.
AkalaAkizi-EgnimICPO INTERPOLOrganized crime (security), peace and conflict)DrLamordeZayyadNigeria Customs ServiceIllicit Cross Border Trade and Violent ConflictDrOguMichaelBabcock University, NigeriaInternational Relations, Security Studies, African PoliticsMrElong EboloEricFree University of BrusselsBorder disputes in Africa (Bakassi Peninsula and Lake Chad), Land grabbing, Peacebuilding, Governance and nation buildingMrOkeMichaelTalent Upgrade Global ConceptAgriculture, writer , conducts of research, presentation, documentation, organization of eventDrPoultonRobin EdwardVirginia Friends of Mali; EPES Mandala ConsultingWest Africa; African peace and security; civil society and NGOs; DDR/SSR; disarmament and small arms management; migrations and frontier policies; rural and community development; Sahel terrorism; interface between development and security; donor mechanisms and funding policies.

Title Surname First name Institution Areas of Expertise
Dr. Bueger Christian Cardiff University International organizations, sociology of science, the United Nations and maritime security
Dr. Okeke Jide Martyns African Union AU Peace Support Operations Division: Head of policy development
Dr. Emmanuel Nikolas University of Copenhagen international relations and comparative politics, with an emphasis on the use of soft intervention strategies to facilitate changes in the behavior of various state and non-state actors in Africa and beyond
Dr. Essien Essien Daniel University of Uyo Ethics of political system and Peace, Governance and ethics, and Comparative Religious Ethics
Dr. Kuo Steven Control Risks Joburg/Shanghai International University African Studies, Contemporary China, Peace and Conflict Studies,
Dr. Lucia-López Elisa University of Birmingham EU foreign and security policy in West Africa,
Nigerian security,
ECOWAS peace and security architecture
Dr. Musah Abdel-Fatau UN AU Office Addis Small arms, peace and security, SSR
Dr. Stoddard Edward CEISR EU External Relations, EU Energy Policy, International Political Economy, International Security
Dr. Wyss Marco University of Lancaster Peacekeeping, France’s military role in Africa, and ECOWAS
Dr. Yabi Gilles WATHI L’état de l’Afrique et de ses habitants; paix et sécurité, gouvernance politique
Dr. Chauzal Grégory Clingendael Conflict and fragility, policy debates, crisis and conflict analysis in sub saharan Africa
Dr. Bley Hyacinthe Université de Cocody la recherche, la formation et l analyse politique
Dr. Ajibewa Aderemi ECOWAS Commission
Dr. Aning Kwesi KAIPTC Security
Dr. Holmes Georgina University of Portsmouth International Development Studies and Security Issues. Women’s and Gender Studies
Dr. Amos Julia Merton College Oxford Political economy and conflict, Sierra Leone and Ebola, Maritime Security
Dr. Thomas Claire FCO Analyst in the Foreign Office on Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Equatorial Guinea.
Dr. Mitton Kieran King´s College Sierra Leone. Areas of interest include reintegration and reconciliation; child soldiers; urban youth & art; civil war violence; electoral violence; and organised crime
Mr. Agbiboa Daniel Oxford University regional conflict, security and developement with a particular focus on West and East Africa
Mr. Konaté Mouhamed Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie Analyse politique ;
Négociation internationale ;
Coopération internationale
Mr. Akoutou Benjamin WAI Migration, Regional Integration, International Relations
Mr. Bieler Jean-Daniel Foreign Ministry Switzerland la politique de paix au Sahel
la médiation
le dialogue entre chercheurs et praticiens de la politique de paix
Mr. Hart Andrew EUTM Mali (British Army) History, EU Training Mission Mali
Mr. Holloway Tom MINUSMA (British Army) PR and Media Relations, MINUSMA Mali
Mr. Omotuyi Sunday Obafemi Awolowo University Developmental studies, Gender, Environmental issues democratisation/democracy building and Security
Mr. Padonou Oswald Cabinet du Médiateur de la République du Bénin, Ministere de la Defense Maintien/consolidation de la paix, prévention de conflits, force africaine en attente
Mr. Ricard Maxime Paul Jean Université de Québec à Montréal – Chaire Raoul Dandurand Côte d’Ivoire ; Peace missions ; International Political Sociology and African Studies
Mr. Sampson Peter UN Political Department Alternative Dispute Resolution, Civil Society, Conflict Mainstreaming, Conflict Resolution, Dialogue, Facilitation, Nonviolence, Organizational Development, Peacebuilding
Dr. Vogl  Matthias Cusanuswerk CSDP, European Security Policy in Africa, Regional Integration
Mr. White Mark FCO Security Sector Reform, British Africa Policy, Practical Implementation of Funding Instruments
Mr. Torcoli Francesco EU Delegation Accra Maritime Security, Political Dialogue, Governance Issues in Africa
Mr. Anyorikeya Mark Amaliya Policy and Governance Think Tank Terrorism in Africa and the rise of Violent Non State Actors within the ECOWAS sub-region
Mr. Lartey Ernest KAIPTC Secutity Sector Reform, Conflict and Security
Mr. Dzamefe Julius Sefadzi Kofi KAIPTC Deputy Commander, Peacekeeping in Africa.
Mr. Olagboye Benjamin Senior Advisor on Governance at the US Embassy in Côte d’Ivoire DDR-SSR-Transitional justice- Fragile states -peacekeeping -peace building- small arms-rule of Law- Governance and Democracy
Mr. Pokoo John Mark KAIPTC civil society and conflict early warning in West Africa, DDR, SSR
Mr. Bensah Emmanuel K. Africa in Focus Media
Ms. Diallo Alimata University of Geneva Paix et sécurité en Afrique, maintien de la paix, gestion des conflits et interventions armées
Ms. Pelchat Christiane NDI Abidjan Elections, Democracy Promotion, Côte d´Ivoire
Ms. Afadzinu Nana WACSI Gender related issues in conflict, peace and security, Civil Society, Capacity Development
Ms. Quintin Adali Sopie CEISR Maritime Security. French Foreign and Defence Policy. Franco-British relations.
Ms. Annan Nancy KAIPTC gender related issues in conflict, peace and security
Ms. Birikorang Emma KAIPTC Regional Security in West Africa
Ms. Witt Antonia University of Frankfurt international mediation and interventions, the African Peace and Security Architecture (particularly AU and SADC), authority and legitimacy in international relations, regional organizations and democratization processes in Africa.
Ms. Covington Sarah FCO Francophone Sahel and West Africa. Multi-national companies on operating in high risk environments. Algeria, Mali, Sudan and Cote d’Ivoire.
Prof. Akuffo Edward Ansah University of the Fraser Valley Canada’s security and development policy in Africa, interregional security cooperation, human security and humanitarian law in Africa, and BRIC-Canada relations
Prof. Ndiaye Boubacar Wooster College comparative politics, democratization, the military in politics, security sector reforms in Africa, Pan-Africanism and themes of interest to Africa and its Diaspora
Prof. Chafer Tony CEISR Francophone Africa, International Development Studies and Security Issues
Prof. Charbonneau Bruno Laurentian University/Université de Québec à Montréal – Chaire Raoul Dandurand Relations de sécurité France-Afrique, conflits en Afrique francophone, opérations de paix en Afrique, Côte d’Ivoire, Mali
Prof. N´Tchabétien Silué Université de Bouaké gestion des conflits et paix et expert dans les questions du Genre
Prof. Ndiaye Papa Samba Université Gaston-Berger St. Louis Opérations de paix – droits humains – organisations internationales – résolution des conflits et dynamiques de paix en Afrique de l’Ouest
Prof. Sidibé Kalilou Université de Bamako Constitution-making, Human rights commissions, Local government
Prof. Sears Jonathan University of Winnipeg Comparative Politics of Developing Countries (esp. in Africa), Francophone West Africa, Democratic Governance (Transition and Consolidation)
Prof. Ewusi Samuel K. Director Africa Regional Programme, United Nations University for Peace Political Economy and Political Economy of Conflict, Resource-Based Conflicts, Gender and Governance, and Peacebuilding
Prof. Ndongo Oumar Université Cheick Anta Diop, Dakar
Prof. Fairhead James University of Sussex Environmental and health issues, Science Policy, History of Borderlands
Prof. Hellweg Joseph Florida State University intersection of politics, ritual, performance, and health, Côte d´Ivoire, Guinea, Mali
Prof. Mustapha Abdul Raufu Oxford University Islam and society in northern Nigeria, the politics of rural communities in Africa, the politics of democratization in Africa, and Nigerian politics
Prof. Jourde Cédric University of Ottawa Evolution of Islamic movements in Mauritania and Senegal (mainly on Islamist and Sufi movements), on ethnic politics, and on regime transformations in West Africa
Ms. M’Cormac Freida Institute of Development Studies; Sussex University Regional peace and security in the Mano River sub-region and hybrid and multi-layered governance systems in West Africa.
Dr. Callan Theresa University of Portsmouth security field, with specific reference to intra-state, ethnic conflict. Mobilisation of ethnicity in the exacerbation of conflict and the accommodation of ethnicity in post-conflict agreement societies.
Mr. Gomis Alfred WANEP Senegal 1- Education à la Paix à la Non-Violence
2- Alerte Précoce
3- WIPNET : implication des femmes dans l’Édification de la Paix
4- Bonne Gouvernance et Démocratie.
Ms. Gamberton Maggie Cote D’Ivoire, Gambia; International interventions and peacekeeping mission; conflict resolution; US foreign policy in West Africa; Political ethnography of West Africa; West African regionalism/regionalism theory; West African military and intelligence dynamics; Political economy of cocoa culture; Higher education and conflict in West Africa; North/South academic research partnerships.
Prof. Boone Catherine LSE land-related conflict and land law reform, territorial politics and political geography in state-building, and subnational political analysis, land politics in post-conflict settings.
Ms. Douglas Rachel Peace and security and the processes through which countries fall into then emerge from violence and conflict.
Mr. Deighton Derek UK Defence Adviser Sierra Leone
Mr. Creze Arnaud French Military Liaison Officer, Accra
Mr. Richards Ben UK Defence Attaché, Accra
Dr. Gibert Marie Birkbeck College, University of London International politics of transition in West Africa’s small states.
Dr. Striebinger Kai German Development Institute Comparative Regionalism in Africa; ECOWAS and Military Coups d’Etat; Transnational influences on Processes of Regime Developments
Prof. Jackson Paul University of Birmingham Professor Paul Jackson is a political economist, Professor of African Politics at the University of Birmingham and research fellow at the Centre of African Studies at the University of the Free State, South Africa. He has worked in and on West Africa for some years, particularly Sierra Leone, where he has a long history of working on peace and security and on justice at the local level.
Dr. Allouche Jeremy Institute of Development Studies; Sussex University Dynamics of restraints and peace during civil wars (work on Cote d’Ivoire), regional dimension of conflicts (work on the Mano River War(s) and cross border issues between Liberia and Cote d’Ivoire), gold mining and local peacebuilding (current research project in Cote d’Ivoire), and exit strategies (work on Sierra Leone)
Mr. Hémez Rémy Institut français des relations internationales (IFRI) Chef de bataillon
Centre des études de sécurité
Laboratoire de recherche sur la défense (LRD)
Mr. Libben Joshua University of Ottawa PhD Candidate
Dr. Leboeuf Aline Institut français des relations internationales (IFRI) Researcher
Security Studies Center
Mr. Aduloju Ayodeji Anthony Obafemi Awolowo University Department of International Relations,
Mr. Obamamoye Babatunde  Felix Obafemi Awolowo University
Mr. Maiga Aboubacar Université de Montréal
Ms. Bergamaschi Isaline Université Libre de Bruxelles focus on the sociology of international development and intervention in the global South
Dr. Sandor Adam University of Ottawa
Mr. Mude Torque Midlands State University, Zimbabwe
Prof. Moussaoui Adil Université Mohamed V- Rabat- Maroc
Prof. Igbatayo Samuel Afe Babalola University
Dr. Mays Terry M. The Citadel (Military College of South Carolina)
Mr. Yimga Tatchi Raphael Développement et Paix
Mr. Boutin Benjamin Institut Prospective et Sécurité en Europe (IPSE) Chercheur associé
Mr. Amadichukwu Prince Africa Research and Development Foundation
Mr. Abiodun Adiat Obafemi Awolowo
Ms. Batmanglich Sara Peace and Conflict Advisor with the
OECD, Secretariat for the International
Network on Conflict and Fragility (INCAF)
issues related to peace and security, conflict
prevention, peacebuilding, violent extremism and organised crime
Mr. Ucko David H. College of International Security Affairs,
National Defense University
counterinsurgency and peacebuilding, war-to-peace transitions, civil wars, political violence, conflict analysis, strategy and operational art, as well as reintegration, diplomacy, and state-building
Mr. Carrel Pierre Consultant UN Africa
Dr. Wilén Nina Université Libre de Bruxelles operations de la paix, institutions régionales et continentales
Mr. Siebels Dirk University of Greenwich (London) maritime security in East and West Africa, offshore oil and gas resources, implications of illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing as well as maritime trade and the development of port infrastructur
Dr. Piccolino Giulia GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies Ivorian peace process, democratization and statebuilding, regional organizations and conflicts, comparative study of post-conflict reconstruction
Dr. Otto Lisa Coventry University’s Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations maritime crime in West Africa and its nexus with natural resource governance
Mr. Cook Gavin Deputy High Commissioner,
British High Commission
Ms. Ifland Ilva Center for European Integration Studies (ZEI), University of Bonn Comparative regional integration studies, peace and security in West Africa
Mr. Warner Ian Ministry of Defence, UK Maritime security for Sub-Sarahan Africa
Mr. Dumbe Yunus Religious Studies Dept, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Religious movements in Sub-Saharan Africa specifically Islamic movements, religious conflicts and terrorism
Ms. Ngwube Arinze Federal University Oye-Ekiti, Ekiti State Nigeria
Mr. Albert Isaac Institute for Peace and Strategic Studies (IPSS), University of Ibadan
Mr. Tol Samuel
Mr. Tawa Prince Netton Think Thank “Thinking Africa” spécialisation en droit international, droit pénal international et les questions liées à la CPI
Mr. Aladegbola Isaac Department of Political Science, Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti, Nigeria
Mr. Omede Jolade Department of Political Science, University of Ilorin Ilorin Kwara State Nigeria
Dr Babatunde Abosede Omowumi Centre for Peace and Strategic Studies, University of Ilorin, Nigeria Dr Babatunde’s areas of specialization include conflict resolution with emphasis on Africfocus on local and International conflicts; human rights and security; resource governance and development; and Gender.
Mr. Martin Philip PhD candidate
Department of Political Science
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Mr. Speight Jeremy Assistant Professor
Department of Political Science
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Ms. Vapnek Jessica ‎Director of Technical Programs – ‎Tetra Tech DPK Security and stabilization in Africa; Dispute resolution
Mr. Boaz Peter Post-conflict development; access to justice; alternative dispute resolution and countering violent extremism.
Mr. Fofie Alfred
Mr. Adeyeri James  Olusegun Lagos State University,   Nigeria
Mr. Irene Oseremen Felix Lecturer, Mountain Top University, Nigeria
Mr. Diallo Ousmane Aly PhD Candidate, Global Governance
Balsillie School of International Affairs
Wilfrid Laurier University
Mr. Isola Olusola O. Senior Research Fellow
Institute for Peace and Strategic Studies
University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria
Ms, Gizaw Chernet Yesuneh Research Scholar in Livelihoods and Poverty Reduction; Wolaita Sodo University; Ethiopia
Mr. Traoré Aliou Conflict Management and Mitigation Program Manager à Mercy Corps, Mali
Doctorant en Histoire contemporaine à l’Université Félix Houphouët Boigny de Cocody, Côte d’Ivoire
Mr. Silve Arthur Professeur adjoint
Université Laval, dépt. d’économique
Ms. Évrard Camille Postdoctorante, IRSEM, France
Mr. Ouédraogo Émile FrancoPaix
Mr.  Zo’o Ferdin Isaac Faculté des sciences
juridiques et politiques
Université de Douala
Mr. Zoungni Fiacre Thibaut Doctorat en science politique
Département de science politique
Université Laval
Research interests include peace operations in Africa, international interventions in civils conflicts, foreign policy analysis, and foreign policy decision-making in the West African setting.
Mr. Mbog Ibock Martin Raymond Willy Ministère de la défense du Cameroun,
Département de science politique
Université de Douala
Dr Bagayoko Niagalé FrancoPaix (réside au Japon) Dr Bagayoko is a political scientist. She has done extensive field research on security systems in African Francophone countries, Western security policies in Africa and African conflict-management mechanisms, focusing on the interface between security and development. She has also investigated the European Union Security Policy’s  decision making processes. She is now a Senior expert from the African Security Sector Network (ASSN) where she is in particular coordinating the think tank “African Societal Analaysis/Analyse Sociétale Africaine”.
Ms. Khamlichi Samar Spécialiste des questions sécuritaires en Afrique
Mr. Kienou Sanwé Médard Docteur en Etudes Internationales-spécialisation droit international de l’IHEID de Genève
Chef du département de droit de l’Université Polytechnique de Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina-Faso
Mr. Stephenson Alexander Director, AFSEC Maritime Security
Mr. Powell Nathaniel Fondation Pierre du Bois, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva French military interventions in Africa; French security policy; international and African responses to conflicts in the Sahel and Lake Chad region
Professor Villalon Leonardo Dean, University of Florida International Center; Professor of African Politics; Coordinator, Sahel Research Group Professor Villalon’s research focus is on the Francophone Sahel—Senegal, Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Chad.  Professor Villalon coordinates the interdisciplinary Sahel Research Group at the University of Florida, and has particular interests in religion and politics, democracy and democratic institutions, and social change and development.
Mr Eizenga Daniel University of Florida Civil-military relations, civil society, and political parties in Burkina Faso and Chad. Research focus; electoral authoritarian regimes in sub-Saharan Africa – specifically, how different political institutions attempt to manage pressures from civil society for political liberalization in the Francophone Sahel. Broader research interests include Islam and politics, African politics, and democratization.
Mr Traore Alliou Mercy Corps and Félix Houphouët-Boigny University, Côte d’Ivoire. Peace building and social cohesion; Peace security and Conflict Management ; SSR,  research and action; Negotiation and mediation
Professor Sissoko Yaya First secretary of Malian Embassy at Rabat; University of Bamako. African security: theory and practice of emergency response to new threats such as terrorism, drug traffic, migration and the rise of Islamim in the public arena in west Africa.
Dr Harris David University of Bradford Sierra Leone, Liberia, conflict, elections, rebel parties, post-conflict justice, post-conflict state re-building, India in Africa
Dr Glenn John University of Southampton International Relations Theory in relation to Africa, Weak state/strong state, uneven and combined development, global natural resouce governance and its effects on African political economy.
Dr Attuquayefio Philip University of Ghana  Human security, terrorism, resilience,  and general peace and security issues relating to West Africa and Africa as a whole
Professor Yates Douglas American Graduate School Paris The Oil Curse; Françafrique; Dynastic Rule.
H.E Diarra Mahamadou Ambassador of Mali to Canada Human Rights Law
Major Mensah-Yawson Gordon-Kojo-Nyame Fundan University conflict and security, international political theory, African peace and security architecture and agenda 2063, global ethnopolitcs.
Professor Kivimaki Timo University of Bath Peace Building and Conflict Resolution; Military Intervention; Sierra Leone
Dr. Maconachie Roy University of Bath Mano River States; Natural Resources and Local Governance
Dr. Baldaro Edoardo University of Naples Mali and the Sahara-Sahel, the security-governance-development and their interaction, terrorism and organized crime, external interventions.
Dr. Van Der Velde Roel University of Cardiff Contemporary French military interventions in Africa and international coalition building. Other interests include historical and contemporary French-African defence relations, international security and military diplomacy.
Dr. Swift Jeremy Institute for Development Studies Economic anthropology on the nomadic pastoral societies of the Sahel, notably on the Tuareg of Northern Mali  and the Wodaabe Fulani of central Niger, as well as in East Africa, Iran and central Asia
Dr. Togbe Dominik University F.H-B.- Abidjan Peace and security; Political crises; Conflict prevention and management; Project management
Dr. Martin De Almagro Maria University of Cambridge United Nations Security Council’s Women, Peace and Security agenda at global, national, and local levels in post-conflict contexts. Linkages between the Women, Peace and Security Agenda and transitional justice mechanisms in Colombia, Liberia, Sierra Leone. Poststructural and postcolonial accounts of gender and security and in feminist and interpretive methodologies.
Lt.Col Mason Tim UK Foreign Office Regional security (incl maritime), development and governance. Mali, Niger, The Gambia and Senegal.
Prof. Gakou Kissima Ecole des Hautes Etudes Internationales in Paris Security and Defense; criminal and penal sciences; the politico-military problems of northern Mali.
Prof. Brunet-Jailly Joseph University of Bamako Mali
Ms. Toltica Sorina University of Portsmouth The character of contemporary US/UK Counter-Terrorism engagement in West Africa. Also early warning systems and the role of African organisations in regional security.
Ms. Hayter Danielle University of Portsmouth The drivers and motivations of French security policy in West Africa since 2012. Also French area studies and contemporary security.
Ms. Pembora Aicha Peace, security and defense.
Dr. Diorgueye Armelle Human Rights Law; human trafficking
Mr Rodrigue Fahiraman Political economy of electricty and social housing
Ms. Moody Jessica Kings College London Peacebuilding and reconciliation
Dr. McCorkell Marcus University of Bath Mano River States; natural resource governance; African international political economy.
Ms Hounvenou Belleciane NGO virtuous Queens of Africa President Virtuous Queens of Africa (NGO)
Graduate, Diplomacy and International Relations ESAE Republic of Benin
Lt Col Cann Alex Conflict and Security Management
Security Sector Reforms
Protection of civilians
Dr Compaoré W. R. Nadège University of Waterloo & Balsillie School of International Affairs Canada’s foreign policy in Africa’s mining sector (Home State Responsibility)
– Resource-conflict nexus (mining, oil and local conflict in SSA)
– Francophone West Africa (especially Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire)
– France-Afrique relations
Dr Kargbo Michael University of Sierra Leone British Foreign Policy, Global Public Policy, Post-conflict Peace-building, Foreign Aid, Sierra Leone
Schnabel Simone Peace research institute Frankfurt (PRIF) African regional organizations and their interventions, security in the Sahel, G5 Sahel, local perceptions of African regional interventions
Dr Omilusi Mike Ekiti State University, Nigeria Transnational migration, political sociology, gender and peace studies
Mr Roberts Emmanuel National Security and Intelligence, Counter Terrorism, Private Security (Risk Management), Corruption, Policing, Fraud Risk Management
Professor van Wyk Jo-Ansie Department of Political Sciences, University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa Foreign policy, diplomacy, political leadership, nuclear diplomacy, African Union
Captain Oladipo Oluseyi Embassy of Nigeria Malabo Equatorial Guinea Maritime Security, Peace Support Operations, Africa -NATO Relations
Dr Agbaje Funmilayo University of Ibadan, Nigeria Gender, Peace and Security
Mr Adebowale Oketola Institute for peace and strategic studies, university of Ibadan. Conflict analysis, communication skills, ADR Spectrum, Psychology and management of post conflict trauma, Emotional intelligence, Peace education, Gender and conflict management, effective mediation, Project design and management, facilitation skills, Human Security, Negotiation techniques, knowledge of early warning system.
Dr Bright Tobi Institute for Peace and Strategic Studies, University of Ibadan, Nigeria Human Security and Emergency Medicine / Public Health
Mr Alamu Shola University of Ibadan Peace and conflicts studies. Institute for Peace and Strategic Studies.
Mr Atunbi Felix University of Ibadan Human Security, Religion and Conflict, Nonviolence, Facilitated Mediation, Conflict Analysis, ADR process, Project design and Management, Peace building and development
Mr Atunbi Felix University of Ibadan Human Security, Religion and Conflict, Nonviolence, Facilitated Mediation, Conflict Analysis, ADR process, Project design and Management, Peace building and development
Miss Ayodele Babatomiwa University of Ibadan Conflict resolution, Peace building and development, Disaster risk management, Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration, Humanitarian and refugee crisis
Sikiru Kudirat University of Ibadan International conflicts
Mrs Afolabi Victoria Institute for Peace and Strategic Studies . University of Ibadan. Nigeria Peace and Conflicts studies
Mr Aderolake Charles Institute for Peace and Strategic Studies . University of Ibadan. Nigeria Peace and Conflict Studies, Strategic Studies, Boko Haram conflict, Secessionist Movements in South East Nigeria, Nation-building, Nigerian military history, Human Security and Governance
Miss Aderolake Adebayo University of Ibadan. Humanitarian and Refugee Studies
Mr Jatto Emmanuel University of Ibadan. International peace and security, International diplomacy and History: Nigeria, Africa and World history
Miss Olutade Mercy University of Ibadan. International peace and conflict
Miss Oladimeji Rosemary Institute for peace and strategic studies Human Security
Mr Kehinde Oloyi University of Ibadan Advocacy
Mr Jibrailu Hirniya Henry University of Ibadan Peace and Conflict Studies
Miss Gbadamosi Ifedolapo University of Ibadan Emotional intelligence,Negotiation,mediation,conflict analysis.Conflict management
Miss Olawale Christinah University of Ibadan Peace and conflict Resolution
Miss Adebisi Abigeal University of Ibadan Human Security, ensuring the security of human lives especially the young ones
Miss Kayode Kehinde University of Ibadan Alternative dispute resolution spectrum
Miss Oke Simileoluwa University of Ibadan Borderland and Border studies
Miss Blessing Ayeni University of Ibadan Peace and conflict resolution
Mr Logun Oluwaseyi University of Ibadan Mediation, Peace and Conflict Studies
Miss Okiti Anne University of Ibadan Gender and peace building, Security and intrapersonal conflict, Peace and conflict studies
Mr Segilola Simeon University of Ibadan Peace and Conflict studies
Mr Achoba Jumai University of Ibadan Conflict Resolution
Mr Ajayi Oluwatoyin Institute for Peace and Strategic Studies, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Human Security
Peace and conflict studies.
Ogunlusi Clement Institute for Peace and Strategic Studies, University of Ibadan Nigeria 1. Mediation, 2. Border Security & Management, 3. Human Security Studies, 4. French Language Expert
Miss Agboola Mariam University of Ibadan Peace and conflict studies(internal conflict)
Mr Akanbi Jamaldeen University of Ibadan Human security, surveillance, internal and external conflict, international conflict, border security.
Miss Obasan Ibiyemi University of Ibadan Mediation and peace process.
Miss Bello K Damilola University of Ibadan International conflict
Mrs Akintola Romoke Adenike University of Ibadan Peace and Conflict studies
Mr Oladimeji Ganiu Lanre Institute of Peace and Strategic Studies International Conflict, international Trade
Miss Adebayo Esther University of Ibadan Peace and Conflict studies
Ayomide Olawole University of Ibadan International Conflict
Kanmodi Nana Fatima University of Ibadan Peace and Conflict
Oluwatobi Bamigbala University of Ibadan International Conflict Manage. ADR
Miss Oluwapamilerin Oluwajuyigbe University of Ibadan Humanitarian and refugee studies
Miss Yakubu Funom University of Ibadan Human Security. Peace and Conflict Studies Alternative Dispute Resolution Processes.
Mr Uruk Idongesit University of Ibadan Peace and Conflict studies.
Mr Abdulganiyu Jamiu University of Ibadan Conflict Analysis, Negotiation, Mediation, Conflict Resolution
Mr Abolade Moses Institute for Peace and Strategic Studies, University of Ibadan, Ibadan. Peace Education and Religious Conflict.
Miss Adekanye Blessing University of Ibadan, Nigeria Peace building. Peace education. Mediation. Conciliation.
Miss Mimiola Mofiyinfoluwa University of Ibadan, Nigeria Gender and peace-building, Peace and conflict studies, Mediation
Mr Sodeko Samson University of Ibadan, Nigeria Peace building and development
Mr Chukwuma Kodili University of East Anglia Security, Post-colonial studies, African international relations, International relations theory.
Mr Biao Claude Stake Experts: Main political-security analyst Africa, peace, conflict, terrorism, decision-making, governance, security, political affairs
Dr Nwokolo Ndubuisi Nextier SPD( Security, Peace and Development) and University of Birmingham, UK Governance, Peacebuilding, Elections, Reconstruction and Reintegration, Monitoring and Evaluation, Political Economy Analysis, Public Policy, Civil Society Organisations, Natural resources, Security Sector Reforms, Human Rights, Youths, Field Research in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Societies.
Mr Umar Ahmad Ambrose Alli University, Epkoma, Edo State ICT and Research Work
Mr Oluwatoye Amos Amnesty International International Affairs, Peace and Conflict Resolution, Globalisation, Research etc.
Dr Seiyefa Ebimboere Baze University National Security, International Terrorism, Governance for Security in West Africa
Hayatudeen Muhammad Adam Centre for Peace Diplomatic and Development Studies, University of Maiduguri Political Science International Relations, with special interest in peace and security.
Mr Ikefuama Okechukwu University of Ibadan Peace and Conflict Studies
Mr Odeh Dickson Local Communities Development Initiative (LoC-Din) Conflict and poverty reduction through capacity building of youths and women in entrepreneurship development.
Ing Mohammed Ibrahim Gariba Universita Pardubice, Czech Republic Regional Development and Governance
World Terror Watch Director Caniglia Mattia European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center (ESISC) Several years of experience in providing specific assistance in security risk assessment, business intelligence and geopolitical analysis to private business, international institutions, state actors and law enforcement agencies with interests or physical presence in West Africa.
Over the years I developed a specific knowledge on the security scenarios and geopolitical dynamics of:
– the Sahel
– Lake Chad basin
– Gulf of Guinea
In particular, I had the chance to present and expand my research on the security scenarios in the Sahel region and its possible repercussions on the security environment of neighbouring countries while hosted at the University of Glasgow as a Visiting Fellow.
Mr ZAKPA Jean Cardino University of the West of Scotland Transitional Justice, reconciliation process in Cote d’Ivoire
Mr Botha Sven Covenant University Regional security management, peace and conflict in West Africa, Proto-nationalism in West Africa
Miss Effiong Godspromise National Open University of Nigeria Mediation, Alternate Dispute Resolution and Conflict Analysis.
Mr Dennis Kelechukwu Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, Anambra State of Nigeria Human Security and Counter terrorism Studies, peace, conflict and security studies, development studies.
Mr Obitokun Oluwagbemileke University of Ibadan Inter-Ethnic Conflict
Mr Ryamukuru Richard Mount Kenya University safety and security, counter-terrorism, security sector reform, Human rights, National security and Law enforcement
Dr Chandramohan Balasubramanyam Institute of Commonwealth Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London Cameroon, Ghana, Peace Keeping — UN/Commonwealth, West and Central Africa, Interdisciplinary area studies — West Africa, Commonwealth
Dr Rio Tinto Daniel Center for International Studies (CEI), ISCTE-IUL, Lisbon My broad research interests include International Relations Theory, International Security, Conflict Studies, Defence Studies, Political Violence, Civil Wars & Intra-State Conflicts, Nuclear Politics, The Changing Character of War, Insurgencies & Asymmetric Warfare, Peace Operations, Civil Defence & Safety, Strategy on Conventional (Air, Land & Sea) & Non-Conventional (NBC, Remote, Cyber, Space) Environments, Case-study Methodology and Process Tracing Techniques. My regional expertise covers sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America.
Mr Ademola Adedeji Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife Politics, Security and Governance in West Africa, International Relations of Africa, Regional Integration in West Africa, Leadership and Development Issues in Nigeria
Dr Nwokolo Ndubuisi(Ndu) Nextier SPD and University of Birmingham, UK Peacebuilding, Security, Stabilisation, Governance, Natural Resources Conflict, Terrorism and Statebuilding
Mr Oseni Azeez Oluwagbenga Youth Empowerment for Peace & Security Youth unemployment and insecurity
Mr Bayor Justin Institute for Peace and Governance Peacebuiding, governance, dialogue, mediation, security analysis
Captain Seidu Jamaldeen Tonzua Ghana Armed Forces International Law & Law of the Sea, International Environmental Law, Defense and International Politics, International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution
Mr Bird Josh Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office DFID Governance Advisor with expertise in Security, Justice and Human Rights; Accountable and Inclusive Politics; Inclusive Growth and Economic Development; Anti-Corruption.
Mr Jerry Bright Africa Security, Gender Violence and foreign policy
Mr Lawal Rafiu Adeniram Building Blocks for Peace Foundation Conflict Prevention, Peacebuilding, Human Security and Youth, Peace and Security.
Ms Ogbodu Josephine Media in Action for Development and Rehabilitation(MEADER) 1. Community based advocacy on human rights and freedoms; 2. Media Relations; 3. Conflict Resolution and Peace Building
Mr Danjuma David Search for Common Ground Peacebuilding, Conflict Analyst, Gender expert, Conflict transformation
Prof. Nobrega Alvaro ISCSP – University of Lisbon Guinea Bissau, Geopolitics
Mr de Lacoste Thomas Amnesty International
Mr Akanbi Jamaldeen Institute for Peace and Strategic Studies, University of Ibadan Project Planning And Management, Strategic Planning And Innovation, Organisational Development, Data Analysis And Management, Baseline Analysis And Management, Perception And Conflict Outcomes, Emotional Intelligence, Communication and Active Listening, Anger Management Techniques, Conflict Analysis, Arbitration and Conciliation, Role Plays, Gender and Peace Negotiation, Early Warning and Earling Response, Conflict Handling Implications, Negotiation tactics, Communication and Interpersonal Skills
Dr Herpolsheimer Jens Research Centre Global Dynamics, Leipzig University African regionalism, African Union, ECOWAS, African Peace and Security, Inter-regionalism, West Africa, Sahel
Dr Behnamir Shahnaz Filimage Linguistique/informatique (algorithmie)
Dr Bertrand Eloïse University of Portsmouth Burkina Faso, Sahel, political institutions, political parties
Salem Mezhoud African Leadership Centre, School of Global Affairs Africa with special focus on North and West Africa. Security, terrorism, radicalisation, Ethnicity, nationalism, With related interest in Development integration (pastoralism) Pan Africanism and regionalism, Mediterranean-Africa cultural integration
Mr Allison Richelieu Center for Security Studies and Development, Liberia Security Sector Reform/Governance, Youth Development
Mr Lambo Mohammed Nigerian Correctional Service Intelligence, Investigation, Security Risk Management, Vulnerability Assessment, Digital Forensics, VIP Protection