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Third WAPSN Symposium in association with the Centre FrancoPaix kicks off in Montréal

The Centre FrancoPaix in conflict resolution and peace missions of the Chaire Raoul-Durand and the West Africa Peace and Security Network are delighted to have cooperated to convene the 3rd annual symposium of the Network in Montréal  after the first two editions were held at the Kofi Annan Peacekeeping Centre in Ghana.   Le Centre FrancoPaix en résolution des conflits et missions de paix de la Chaire Raoul-Dandurand et le West Africa Peace and Security Network (WAPSN) sont heureux de s’associer pour la tenue du 3ème colloque annuel du réseau, après deux premières éditions au Kofi Annan Peacekeeping Center au Ghana. Since 2012 many countries of the West Africa have experienced violent […]

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Stability in Mali: re-emergence of old French counterinsurgency models?

By Roel Van der Velde – In the last four years French forces have conducted major military operations in two African states. In 2013, the French government promised to ‘clean up the area’ in Central African Republic as well as return ‘stability’ to Mali through the ‘reconquest’ of Northern Mali under operation Serval after disgruntled military men had ousted the elected Mali president and lost the North to a Tuareg rebellion.[1]  Between January and April 2013 French air and land forces acted unilaterally and decisively to roll back southbound offensives of an alliance of multifarious Tuareg clans, Islamic tribes and groups like Ansar Dine, and outsiders like Al-Qaeda, which had […]

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France in Mali: myths and realities

By Prof. Tony Chafer – The French intervention in Mali in 2013 was portrayed by many commentators at the time as another manifestation of la Françafrique. Tony Chafer argues that framing the intervention in this way is both problematic and misleading. Since the 1990s, la Françafrique has become shorthand for a neo-colonial relationship rooted in illicit and often criminal practices designed to maintain France’s ex-colonies in a relationship of dependency with the former metropole. Underpinning this relationship, it is argued, there exists a range of official links that have bound, and in many ways continue to bind, France to its former colonies in sub-Saharan Africa. These include defence and military […]

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Mali – The normalization of German security policy?

by Dr. Matthias Vogl , Center for European Integration Studies (ZEI), University of Bonn There was recently a news report about the deployment of a German contingent of up to 650 soldiers – among them reconnaissance forces – to Mali within the framework of the UN Mission MINUSMA. This contingent is about to replace Dutch forces during the next few months. Given the widely known German reluctance to send soldiers into risky scenarios in Africa, one could ask if this attitude is changing now, as MINUSMA is dubbed one of the most dangerous UN missions worldwide. Is German military engagement in Africa, apart from training and logistics, becoming something normal? […]

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