Past Events

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Workshop (with Chatham House): ‘Sahelian Security in Flux’. 13 May 2019. London (UK). Agenda

BISA research event: ‘Security theory, expertise and practice: past experiences and new approaches to collaboration’. 12 June 2019. Bath (UK). Report and blog post.

WAPSN 2018 annual workshop. 17-18 May 2018. Portsmouth (UK). Agenda

WAPSN 2018 Symposium. 4-5 May 2018. Bamako (Mali). Agenda (in French).

WAPSN 2017 annual workshop: ‘Tackling Security Challenges in West Africa’. 29-30 June 2017. Portsmouth (UK). Agenda

WAPSN 2017 Symposium (with Centre FrancoPaix): ‘Back to the Future? Conflict Resolution and Sustainable Peace in Contemporary West Africa’. 4-5 May 2017. Montreal (Canada). Agenda (in French).

WAPSN 2016 Symposium: ‘Peace Support Operations in West Africa’. 28-29 April 2016. Accra (Ghana) Agenda

WAPSN 2015 Symposium: ‘The regional dynamics of Peace and Security in West Africa’. 28-30 April 2015. Accra (Ghana). Agenda