AFSEC17. African Security Summit: advancing pan-African Maritime Security

At the forthcoming AFSEC conference in Casablanca in May (30-31), we will be sharing pan-African Maritime case studies looking at securing the seas.  The lessons of both East and West Africa will be shared – The Gulf of Guinea is the region of the world most affected by illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing – accounting for more than a third of catches, to a value of up to €1.5 billion. If this trend is not reversed, history tells us that act of piracy and criminal action at sea will increase.

AFSEC will bring together security experts and government officials with the Heads of Navies of a number of key African Nations including; Nigeria, Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire, Senegal, Mauritania, Angola and Djibouti to discuss enhancing maritime security through cooperation, asset procurement and sharing lessons and concepts.

This issue is more timely than ever, and a critical opportunity to bring together Military, Government and Industry to provide a whole-of-Society approach to this increasing problem. The crisis of Ebola in the region has now been dealt with, it is time to return to these fundamental issues of ensuring the maritime economy can be used legally to improve the livelihoods of the millions who live on African coasts.

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